Peacock Proud Press publishes nonfiction books that meet our high-quality writing standards and that transform the lives of our authors and their readers.

We know from experience that well-written and well-edited books are more likely to be read.
And well-published books give our authors the confidence to promote their expertise, their experience, and their message. Our goal is for you to be Peacock Proud of your book!

Dr. Laura Bush one-on-one coaching

Private Coaching

Every Package Includes:

  • Your Blueprint for Writing and Marketing Your Book
  • Private Coaching Sessions with Dr. Laura Bush
  • Mentoring, Advising, and Feedback on Developing your Book Proposal

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VIP Writing Sessions

Coaching on any aspect of your manuscript, such as:

  • How to start writing the book you’ve been thinking about writing or been told by many people that you should write
  • How to get “unstuck” so you can finish writing a book you’ve been starting and stopping for years.
  • Articulating your book’s central message and subtopics.
  • Organizing and outlining the main content of your book.
  • Trusting your own voice and discovering your unique writing style.
  • Any other book writing challenge you know you need help with.
I can’t tell you how helpful Laura is as a writing coach. I learned a ton from her while writing my book. Her input is invaluable, her comments are spot on, and her edits are amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed our private writing sessions. She inspired me in many ways and made the project much richer. Plus, I had fun!
Aaron-Anderson head shot
Aaron Anderson
Principal Architect, Studio: Anderson Inc.,
Author, American Kundalini: One Westerner's Unexpected Journey with Universal Energy
American-Kundalini by Aaron Anderson Book Cover

Small Group Coaching

Small Group Coaching is available through our 6 month Write Now Program. Twice a month, you will join Dr. Bush on a group virtual session with other authors for 90 minutes. During the session, you will learn key writing concepts to apply immediately to your own book writingAuthors will also read aloud brief excerpts from their writing and receive immediate feedback from a live audience in a safe and empowering environment. Cohorts form twice a year.

Virtual Write Now Sessions

Write Now Sessions are available through our 6 month Write Now Program. Twice a month, you will join Dr. Bush on a group virtual writing session with other authors for 60 minutes. Cohorts form twice a year.



All writers, no matter how experienced, need multiple rounds of editing to ensure the quality of their book. We offer the following editing services. Click on each type (structural, copyediting, proofreading) to learn more: 

A developmental edit focuses on the organization, development, and coherence of your manuscript. Your editor evaluates the clarity and persuasiveness of your book’s thesis, the soundness of your book’s logic, and the organization and development of your book’s central ideas, giving feedback and suggesting revisions. Then you implement your editor’s suggestions to prepare your manuscript for copy editing.

Our Team’s Developmental Editing Rate: $85-95 Per Hour

A copy edit focuses on identifying and correcting any weaknesses or errors in the coherence and logic of your book manuscript. For this round of editing, an editor’s focus is mainly on sentence structure. Your editor performs a close, line-by-line edit to tighten sentences and correct any weaknesses in grammar, spelling, word choice, tone, or style. Your editor may also recommend some additional paragraph development or reorganization. If you have cited outside material, your editor will check to ensure citations adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style endnotes format.

Our Team’s Copyediting Rate: $65-75 Per Hour

A proofread focuses on meticulously reviewing the final draft of your completed book manuscript for typographical errors, misspellings, or mistakes missed in the copyediting process or that might have been introduced during the book design and production process. In general, proofreading occurs after the interior of a book has been designed to catch any final errors that might have been missed or introduced during the design process. Our goal is to deliver as flawless of a book as possible, so our publishing packages include final proofreading services for any missed typos, misspellings, or formatting issues.

Our Team’s Proofreading Rate: $55 Per Hour

For us to help you produce a professional quality book, we recommend at least two rounds of editing and one proofread. A single “round of editing” means you give your manuscript to an editor. Then you review the editor’s recommendations and revise, further develop, and hone your manuscript accordingly. This completes one round of editing. After you revise, your manuscript will then go through another round of editing, usually copyediting. Finally, your manuscript will be proofread before it goes to your book’s interior designer and then proofread again after your book’s interior design has been completed.


Peacock Proud Press takes away the confusion and worry about publishing. 

My Life with Charles Billups and Martin Luther King by Rene Billups Baker

Keep Your Rights and Royalties

We provide assisted self-publishing services and adhere to the Independent Book Publishers Association Standards Checklist. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. And you keep all rights and royalties to your book.

Hook Em With Humor by Ricky Olson

Marketing and Promoting Your Book

We consult with you on a variety of strategies to promote and market your book, helping to increase your visibility and generate an Amazon bestseller ranking in our Gold and Platinum publishing packages.

Mukee Okan My Pussy Talks Book Cover

Distribution of Your Book

We guide you to resources for increasing your book’s distribution and visibility through different venues, including bookstores, retailers, and libraries, which will not automatically stock your book. We provide step-by-step instructions for all authors.

Peacock Proud Press is an independent book publisher, a hybrid between traditional and vanity book publishing. We are committed to the quality of the content and production (design, marketing, launch, and distribution) of your book. We will evaluate your manuscript for any editing needs. Then your manuscript will go through our publishing process to become a professionally published book and e-book, ready for distribution worldwide. And because readers do judge a book by its cover, our designers work with you to create an eye-catching cover and interior layout that motivates readers to buy.

We also know that self-publishing can be challenging because you as an author don’t automatically know the steps to publish and launch a professional quality bestselling book that you can be “Peacock Proud” of. We do that work for you, and you keep all the rights and royalties to your book. 

Traditional publishers, now consisting of five large publishing houses and their imprints, require authors to write a book proposal, query letters, and use literary agents to do business with them. Authors also waive most, if not all, of their intellectual property rights forever. In other words, when you receive an “advance” from a traditional publisher, you are selling them the content of your book and giving up control over things such as the title, cover design, and where your book can be sold. Traditional publishers also take 80% or more of royalties from each book sold because they are paying for the editing, design, promotion, and distribution of your book. You will also need to market your book. If you are not a professional writer or a celebrity, traditional publishing will be daunting.

Vanity publishers will publish any manuscript, regardless of its quality, as long as you pay them. They may also get certain rights to your book, but not make the release of your rights clear to you. You can get your rights back, but you will likely have to pay for them and that could become a struggle. Vanity publishing is a step above publishing a book on your own (DIY), but you cannot be assured of the quality of your book. Their services are generally less expensive than an indie publisher’s services because vanity publishers focus on quantity of books published, not quality.

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