She has helped to transform my book. I am a much better writer because of Laura.
Cathie Godfrey Head Shot
Cathie Godfrey
Author, Your Suicide Didn’t Kill Me: Choosing to Live after Loss
My Life with Charles Billups and Martin Luther King by Rene Billups Baker

Keep Your Rights and Royalties

We provide assisted self-publishing services and adhere to the Independent Book Publishers Association Standards Checklist. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. And you keep all rights and royalties to your book.

Hook Em With Humor by Ricky Olson

Marketing and Promoting Your Book

We consult with you on a variety of strategies to promote and market your book, helping to increase your visibility and generate an Amazon bestseller ranking in our Gold and Platinum publishing packages. Our designers create a customized cover that grabs readers’ attention.

Mukee Okan My Pussy Talks Book Cover

Distribution of Your Book

Based on your goals, we guide you to resources for increasing your book’s distribution and visibility through different venues, including bookstores, retailers, and libraries, which will not automatically stock your book.


You have this idea.

You envision what life could look like as a Bestselling Author.

Using your story to make a difference in people’s lives.
Establishing credibility in your industry.
Making a real global impact.
Improving your lifestyle.
Fulfilling a lifelong dream.

But there’s something missing.

You lack the clarity and confidence that comes from having the tools used by published authors to finish their books.

That’s where we come in.



Online learning to help authors break through barriers and write their books.


Structured, proven writing programs from Dr. Laura Bush and her team.


Three days of focused writing coaching with Dr. Laura Bush- virtual or in-person.


Quality books undergo professional editing from our team of experts.


Professionally publish a high quality, bestselling book that makes an impact.

Ghost Writing

Our team does the writing for you. Readers hear your voice.

I would not have written a book if it weren't for Laura’s encouragement and mentorship, along with our writing group!
Lindsey-Schwartz head shot
Lindsey Schwartz
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach
Author, Powerhouse Woman: How to Get Out of Your Own Way, Fulfill Your Unique Purpose, and Live a Powerful Life

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Distance is No Barrier

We work uniquely with you.
Our clients live in Arizona, California, Idaho, Hawaii, Georgia, Oregon, Utah, Canada, Australia and beyond.

The Team

Dr. Laura L. Bush

CEO & Founder

Dr. Bush earned her doctoral degree in English from Arizona...


Dr. Laura L. Bush

Position: CEO & Founder
Email: laura@laurabushphd.com
Dr. Laura Bush:

Dr. Bush earned her doctoral degree in English from Arizona State University and taught writing and literature courses for over 20 years in university classrooms. For 10 of those years, she also developed curriculum and facilitated workshops and conferences to train other faculty members to teach more effectively in person and online.

Early in her academic career she discovered the literary value of memoir and autobiography. Specializing in western American women’s autobiography, she published a ground-breaking book of literary research in Mormon women’s autobiographies: Faithful Transgressions in the American West: Six Twentieth-Century Mormon Women’s Autobiographical Acts (Utah State University Press, 2004). She has also published numerous articles in scholarly and non-scholarly publications, an award-winning short story, and many blogs.

Seeking new challenges, Dr. Bush resigned from the university in 2012 to become an entrepreneur by starting a book writing and publishing business.

Holly Head Shot

Dr. Holly Welker


Holly Welker is the editor of Baring Witness: 36 Mormon...

Holly Head Shot

Dr. Holly Welker

Position: Editor

Holly Welker is the editor of Baring Witness: 36 Mormon Women Talk Candidly About Love, Sex, and Marriage (2016) and Revising Eternity: Latter-day Saint Men Reflect on Twenty-first-century Relationships (2022, forthcoming), both from the University of Illinois Press, and the co-editor of Singing and Dancing to The Book of Mormon: Critical Essays on the Broadway Musical (2016, Rowman and Littlefield). She has an MFA in nonfiction writing and a PhD in English literature from the University of Iowa, and has edited poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and scholarship. Her own writing has appeared in such publications as Best American Essays, Bitch, New York Times, Poetry International, Rattle, Slate, and TriQuarterly.

Wendy Head Shot

Wendy Ledger

Transcriptionist & Editor

Wendy Ledger has a BA in French and English, graduating...

Wendy Head Shot

Wendy Ledger

Position: Transcriptionist & Editor

Wendy Ledger has a BA in French and English, graduating magna cum laude from Tufts University. She received an MA in creative writing from San Francisco University and taught introductory creative writing there. She has been a transcriptionist since 1989 and has been certified as an editor through the UC Berkeley Extension Professional Sequence in Editing program. Wendy has published five books, most available as paperbacks, ebooks, and audiobooks: Joy Returns!Kate and the Horses, and The Loudest Meow, The Sharpest Claw, The Deepest Growl. 

Sarah Head Shot

Sarah Bush Lloyd

Writer and Proofreader

Sarah Bush Lloyd earned an MEd in educational psychology and...

Sarah Head Shot

Sarah Bush Lloyd

Position: Writer and Proofreader

Sarah Bush Lloyd earned an MEd in educational psychology and an MEd in school administration, as well as a BS in home economics, health, and vocational education from Brigham Young University. She worked as a principal, a guidance counselor, and a home economics and health teacher for over 25 years in Utah public schools before retiring to begin working part-time at Peacock Proud Press as a writer and proofreader.

Gloria Carmer

Executive Assistant

Gloria Carmer has worked as an Executive Assistant to the...


Gloria Carmer

Position: Executive Assistant

Gloria Carmer has worked as an Executive Assistant to the Director of Audit at a world class firm. At a previous firm, she trained employees in MS Word and Excel before becoming an SQL programmer who managed the firm’s CRM software. She also owned her own consulting business in the use of MS Office Suite products. At Peacock Proud Press, Gloria performs administrative tasks, manages our database, and assists at events. 


Jana Galvan

Book Designer

Jana Galvan has over twenty years of experience working as...


Jana Galvan

Position: Book Designer

Jana Galvan has over twenty years of experience working as a graphic designer and artist. Before starting her design career, Jana worked in management for several retail outlets. Upon graduating from the University of Utah with a BFA, she worked for the Salt Lake City Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2002. As a member of the “Look of the Games” department, she designed, managed, and installed graphics for the Salt Lake Ice Center, Olympic and Paralympic Medals Plaza, and the Olympic and Paralympic Athletes Village. Jana also designed the Athlete Medals for the Paralympic Winter Games. After four years with the Olympics, Jana was hired as the Design Manager for the International Department, and then as the Event Design Manager for Stampin’ Up!, a paper-crafting company. At Stampin’ Up!, Jana managed and produced materials for catalogs and collateral, merchandise, event staging, show graphics, and environmental graphics for their domestic and international markets. 

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Five Insider Secrets to Writing and Finishing Your Book

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