Write Now Program

Our revolutionary writing program will take you from start to finish…

…with expert guidance to strengthen the power of your message, reaching world-wide demographics and positioning you to convert your book into revenue. The packages listed below provide the best value, but we’re happy to create a package or customize our services to suit your manuscript’s progress.

Publishing Packages

We offer three publishing packages to meet your publishing goals and budget.
Our Platinum Package is designed for authors who want to ensure their book’s #1 Amazon bestseller status and receive advanced social media, marketing, and book launch services.

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Advanced Marketing Services

  • Create a strong and cohesive professional brand across your social platforms. We completely set up accounts (if you don’t have them already) and brand you as an author across Goodreads Author Page, Amazon Author Page, Facebook Author Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We provide 5 months of social media management on 2 of these platforms, posting 2 to 3 posts per week. This helps show consistency on your accounts and helps to jumpstart followers.

  • Months before your book launch, this package creates the buzz that lets the world know your book is coming out. You’ll get Custom Teasers, a 3-Week Virtual Book Tour, a Book Blitz on up to 30 Blogs, a Press Release and Distribution, a minimum of 5 to 10 Amazon Reviews, Twitter Marketing to 30k+, Instagram Blast on 15+, Creation of Author Media Kit, and a Book Launch Page, as well as an Amazon Gift Card Giveaway (we provide the prize). We also provide a Goodreads Page Analysis, 1 Month of Social Media Management and Cross Promotion through at least 2 other major sites, such as Awesome Gang, Book Reader Magazine, and Book Lemur. All Images for the Virtual Blog Tour are custom created depending on your input, the genre of your book, and your tagline.

  • We use a proven online marketing platform to easily harness the power of social crowd speaking. This platform enables like-minded individuals (your supporters) to use their own influence across social media accounts, blogs, email, and newsletters, ensuring that YOUR MESSAGE in THEIR voice is heard far and wide—all on one fully unified marketing page.