Front & Back Cover We Are All Sales People

We Are All Sales, People

Author: Brett Keirstead

Communicating is tougher than ever. Our relationships are suffering.

We are losing our ability to relate and interact with each other. Despite our advances in technology, people feel lonely and disconnected. The Internet has further enabled bullying. And how our leaders communicate—in business, politics, and entertainment—often makes matters worse. Schools get caught up in standardized tests that fail to teach interpersonal skills.

Brett Keirstead, a thirty-year sales professional, wants to do something about it. We Are All Sales, People teaches five key steps in sales that anyone can adapt to dramatically improve the quality of their communication and relationships at home, at school, and at work. You’ll learn how to know yourself, sincerely understand others, focus on positive outcomes, negotiate, and “close the deal.” Applying these five steps will transform the quality of your personal and professional life, while also making a difference for others.

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