The Night of 5 Questions by KaRin SuCase

The Night of 5 Questions

Author: KaRin SuCase

Do You Believe in Miracles and Divine MAGIC? KaRin’s Life Story Shows How You, Too, Can Realize Your Own Deepest Spiritual Potential. As a young mother and Pentecostal minister, KaRin seemed to have it all—an Ordained Minister husband, three beautiful children, and a nice home in the suburbs. But one day, a mother grieving the loss of her young son challenged KaRin with angry words: “You wouldn’t have such faith in God if you ever lost a child!”These words shook KaRin to the core. What did she know of the suffering of others when her life felt so blessed?

During one sleepless night of anguished self-reflection, KaRin asked herself Five Questions about her faith that turned her world upside down. Seeking answers to these questions, KaRin started on a sometimes painful but always joyful spiritual journey. As part of her story, she shares about extraordinary miracles she has experienced in her life and what she learned about the strength of her faith under very difficult circumstances, including losing a troubled son in a horrible tragedy and living with multiple myeloma, an incurable cancer. Through it all, KaRin put her faith in Spirit, all while helping others on their own spiritual journeys.

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