If I Only Knew by Dr. Laura Bush & Sarah Bush Lloyd

If I Only Knew

Author: Dr. Laura Bush & Sarah Bush Lloyd

If I Only Knew: First-Time Bestselling Authors Reveal Insider Secrets to Writing a Book recognizes that new authors share some (or all) of the same legitimate fears, questions, and concerns:

  • I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I don’t know where to start.
  • I’m worried that I stink at grammar and that I don’t know how to write well enough to become the author of a book.
  • I’m afraid people won’t read my book, or, if they do read it, they’ll be critical of my ideas.
  • I stop myself from writing because I don’t know how I’ll publish my book, even if I do finish writing it.

The insider secrets and advice these authors share will answer many of your questions and show you how you, too, can courageously move forward to experience multiple, unforeseen benefits—even beyond the immediate thrill of publishing your book.

In addition, you get detailed, practical information and guidance from writing and publishing experts. They will help you find time to write, learn how to work with an editor, finance your writing, choose the right publisher, and more!

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