Éminence Grise by Ted Kraver

Éminence Grise

Author: Ted Kraver

Ted Kraver’s remarkable life story traces the transformation of technology and education in Arizona through the personal history of an innovative engineer and civic entrepreneur.

Having earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from MIT, as well as an MBA from UCLA, Ted eventually finished his PhD in Aerospace Engineering in 1995 from Arizona State University. On February 3, 1967, Life Magazine featured Ted and his colleagues, founders of CyroCare Equipment Corp, for their work in cryogenics. Ted co-founded Arizona’s Burn Treatment Skin Bank, Inc. He was also the Founding President of Sendero Corp, which provided a decision-support software for banks.
As a past President of Greater Arizona eLearning Association (GAZeL), Ted was a driving force behind the state’s technology in education movement. He and his wife, Bobbie Kraver, EdD, were also instrumental in developing programs for Arizona’s gifted students.

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