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Give Yourself the Gift of Protected Time

At this small group retreat, you’ll write in a secluded setting, freed from the demands of your daily life. Take time out for yourself to get a great start on your book, or rev-up the momentum on a book you’ve already started! Regardless of where you are in your writing process, this retreat will jump-start your writing project while also re-energizing your life.


Make a Month’s Worth of Progress
in One Weekend!

Our laser-focused writing sessions will help you make a MONTH’S worth of progress on your book in just one weekend! Please bring your laptop, unless you prefer to write by hand in your own notebook (or bring both). You’ll share ideas and drafts of your writing to get the supportive but constructive feedback you need from Dr. Laura Bush and other writers.

If You Want to Write a Book,
Then You Deserve this Get-Away!

Our pace will be steady, but fun and relaxed. We create an upbeat, encouraging, and intellectually stimulating space for very productive writing sessions.

OUR MOTTO: “Writing is thinking, so let’s think together!” Be prepared to share your writing at each of the 10 writing sessions with other authors. Also, you can look forward to tasty “home-cooked” meals and snacks to fuel your body and energize your mind.

Gallup Along with a “Riding Group”
to Spur You On

Individuals who participate in a “Riding Group” always benefit from getting and giving concrete, specific reactions to other people’s writing. This means you’ll have a real audience who will empower you to think from both a writer’s and a reader’s point of view about your manuscript as it unfolds.

Participants at this retreat will be writing nonfiction books, either to share their expertise or to tell their life story. The two genres (expert books and autobiographies) overlap because experts know the power of telling their own story, and autobiographers chronicle the knowledge, wisdom, and expertise they’ve earned over their life.

Premium Retreat Locations

Oracle, AZ

Jackson, WY