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The secret that published authors know to complete a quality book is following our simple formula.

I cannot tell you how delighted I am with the structural feedback of my book manuscript. I was so lost in all the ideas I couldn’t figure out where to go, which way to go, or how to get to this unknown destination. Thank you for the developmental review and so much more. I am loving the new ideas.
Pam Sandvik

You have this

You envision what life could look like as a Bestselling Author.

Using your story to make a difference in people’s lives.
Establishing credibility in your industry.
Making a real global impact.
Improving your lifestyle.
Fulfilling a lifelong dream.

But there’s something missing.

You lack the clarity and confidence that comes from having the tools used by published authors to finish their books.

That’s where this self-paced e-course comes in.

How to Write, Edit and Self-Publish Your Book is all about
giving you the freedom to bring your book to life.

I’m going to teach you the writing process, guiding you through the often messy and chaotic phases of writing your book.
I’ll explain the multi-step editing process that all quality books undergo and the pros and cons of your different publishing options.

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Laura Bush earned her doctoral degree in English from Arizona State University and taught writing and literature courses for over 20 years in university class rooms. She is the founder and CEO of Peacock Proud Press, where she enables authors to achieve their goal of writing, editing and publishing a quality book.

Headshot of Dr. Laura Bush

Whether you plan to DIY (do-it-yourself) or invest in professional services, this self-paced e-course will teach you how to write, edit, and self-publish your book. 

Module 1 explains the writing process, guiding you through the often messy and chaotic phases of writing your book.

Module 2 clarifies the multi-step editing process that we recommend all quality books undergo.

Module 3 defines your different publishing options, their drawbacks and benefits, and provides resources for self-publishing your book.

After completing this course, you’ll know with confidence that you can write, edit and publish your book, and you’ll know the next step in achieving your goal.

Included With This Course

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