2 thoughts on “5 Things Every Author Needs to Know”

    1. The simplest way to define “recursive” is to say the process is repetitive. Merriam-Webster defines “recursive” as “of, relating to, or being a procedure that can repeat itself indefinitely or until a specified condition is met.” In the case of the writing process, a writer keeps repeating what I call the CORE elements of writing (content dump, organize, revise, and edit) until a piece of writing is polished enough to publish (make public). It’s important to understand that the writing process is recursive and not linear, but more of a zig-zag from content dump to organize and revise, then maybe back to content dumping, and more organizing and revising, then editing, and then revising, and editing, and so on. People often mistakenly think they can take one or two passes at a piece of writing and it will be finished–ready to be made public. Most experienced writers know the writing process takes time and effort, but the time and effort is worth it!

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