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Jackson, WY

Every Retreat Includes

  • Writing guidance and instruction by Dr. Laura Bush
  • A Writing Group Before, During, and After the Retreat
  • A Writing Partner After the Retreat
  • 1 Virtual Writing Session Before the Retreat
  • 1 Virtual Writing Session After the Retreat
  • 10 Kick-Arse Writing Sessions during the 3-day Retreat
  • Catered Meals and Snacks at Breaks
  • 3 Nights Lodging in a beautiful setting next to Grand Teton National Park

One-of-a-Kind Lodging at the Moulton Ranch Cabins

Moulton Ranch Cabins, 202 Mormon Row Rd, Kelly, WY 83011

Located next to Dr. Laura’s great grandfather T.A. Moulton’s famous barn in Grand Teton National Park, the Moulton Ranch Cabins offer a peaceful, awe-inspiring place for writing your book. The cabins are all very clean and well maintained with modern plumbing. They are also in high demand. Individuals and families reserve them at least a year in advance and regularly return to this one-of-a-kind location with its beautiful mountain views.

For our exclusive book writing retreat, we have made special arrangements with the owners to reserve the entire property for the retreat. If you would like to bring a travel partner who would not participate in the retreat, but would be willing to share a queen-sized bed with you, a few people will be able to do that for the cost of lodging. The sooner you register, the more likely this is possible. Contact us for more information asap.

Wi-fi access is available. Cell phone service is mostly good for the four major carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T). If you need to stay reliably in touch by cell phone, please check with your carrier about coverage near Kelly, WY 83011 or call the Moulton Ranch Cabins at 307-733-3749 and speak with Hal or Iola. They can give you specific info about cell phone service and wi-fi access.

Healthy & Delicious Catered Meals

All meals and snacks throughout the retreat will be catered, except for Friday evening when we’ll eat at Dornan’s Chuckwagon with its close-up view of the Tetons. Dornan’s is a long time local favorite, located just a few miles from the main entrance to Grand Teton National Park. Vegetarian options at the Book Writing Retreat will be available.

If you have special dietary needs, many of the Moulton Ranch Cabins have a kitchenette with a small refrigerator, or you will have access to a refrigerator next to your cabin.

There are no stores to purchase food or snacks within walking distance of the cabins. If necessary, you should buy any special food you need or would like to have on hand before arriving at the retreat. You can find grocery stores at the following locations:

  • Jackson, WY 83001 with a population of 9,577 people, has several large grocery stores and is located 15 miles south of the Moulton Ranch Cabins (about a 25-30 minute drive, depending on seasonal tourist traffic).

  • Moose, WY 83012 with a population 69 people, has a small grocery store at Dornan’s and is located 5 miles west and south of the Moulton Ranch Cabins (about a 10-15 minute drive).

If you plan to fly to Jackson Hole*, we recommend choosing 1 of 3 options:

  • Fly into Jackson Hole Airport (JAC). The most convenient and probably most expensive option. Then rent a car and drive 8 miles north to the Moulton Ranch Cabins.
  • Fly into Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). Then rent a car and drive 300 miles north to Jackson (5.5 hours) and then 15 miles north to the Moulton Ranch Cabins.
  • Fly into Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA). Then rent a car and drive 90 miles east over the beautiful Teton Pass to Jackson (2.5 hours) and then 15 miles north to the Moulton Ranch Cabins.

Since you’ll already be in the area, we encourage you to consider taking a weekend vacation to tour Grand Teton National Park and visit the town of Jackson. If you have more time, you’ll also be within an hour’s drive of Yellowstone National Park.

To get the best rates, make your hotel reservations as soon as possible. This will be the height of the tourist season in the Valley. Just FYI: Motel 6 in Jackson at this time of year costs $200 for one adult per night  plus tax.

* Jackson, Wyoming is the largest of several small towns located in the area known as “Jackson Hole,” a valley that gets its name from being entirely surrounded by mountains.