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Dr. Laura Bush

How to Get Your Book Written – An Interview

Do you want to get your book written and finished, but you’re not sure how? If so, check out my INTERVIEW (30 minutes) with Luci McMonagle. I talk about how to get started, how to write it, and how to make sure you finish! Wealthy Wednesday Radio show is hosted by Luci McMonagle, an Abundance Breakthrough Coach, author, and public speaker.

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Mukee Okan

Sex Education

In her memoir, My Pussy Talks, Mukee Okan tells a candid, moving story of her conservative upbringing in Sydney, Australia and how, as an adult, she became a paid escort, a certified sexual surrogate partner, and a spiritual sexuality teacher. Her frank, often comical stories about her first adolescent sexual experiences show how little she and other

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Eric M. Bailey

Perception Does Not Equal Reality. 

Perception is More Important than Reality

We’ve all heard the phrase “perception equals reality” or some derivative of it, right? Well, in “reality,” that phrase is a lie. Perception does not equal reality. If you dive into the definitions of the two words “perception” and “reality,” you will see that reality excludes perception. Perception: A way of understanding or interpreting things.

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Peggy Doherty DeLong, Psy.D.

Life Takes Another Turn

February 27, 1994 When Scott, my fiancé, got out of bed, I was expecting another luscious, lazy Sunday with the love of my life. But life took another turn.  “Peggy, can you come in here, please, and take a look at this?” he yelled from the bathroom in our apartment. Curious, I stepped into the

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Writing Tips
Dr. Laura Bush

It’s Valentine’s Day. Choose Your Words Wisely!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, when many of you will write love notes to your loved ones, I thought I’d remind you of what the best writers know and care about. It’s called “diction.” Simply put, “diction” means “word choice.” And great writers choose their words based on a word’s denotation (dictionary definition) and its

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Dr. Laura Bush

How to Get Out of Your Head and Write from Your Heart

You’re under a deadline to write a 750-word blog in a couple of hours. What do you do? If you’re anything like me when I’m under pressure, you start writing a sentence, then correct a word in that sentence, write a second sentence, correct a word in the second sentence, delete the first sentence, then

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I am ever grateful for the unfailing, efficient, and expert guidance I receive from Dr. Bush and her skilled Accountability Coaches. Laura’s remarkable patience and tact as I present my weekly writing for workshopping never ceases to impress me. She projects a warm, cheerful attitude as she works with each author, giving us specific direction and clarity toward our end goal.
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Deb Thibodeaux
Higher Education Executive
Author, Hiding Behind the Mask of Leadership