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Dr. Laura Bush

Three Ways to Find Time to Write

One of the legitimate concerns people face when it comes to writing a book (or even a blog) is finding time to write. Believe it or not, as a well-published author, I can sympathize. I’m always writing or editing for my clients—that’s my job! What often feels like a struggle, however, is finding time to

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Terrah Hancock

Black and White Thinking

When I was about ten years old, a child psychologist asked me once, “Have you ever heard the word ‘scapegoat’?” “No,” I responded, arms crossed, not giving anything away. “A scapegoat is one member of a family who is blamed for things, picked on, and constantly put down. It seems like the scapegoat is always

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Mukee Okan

Sex Education

In her memoir, My Pussy Talks, Mukee Okan tells a candid, moving story of her conservative upbringing in Sydney, Australia and how, as an adult, she became a paid escort, a certified sexual surrogate partner, and a spiritual sexuality teacher. Her frank, often comical stories about her first adolescent sexual experiences show how little she and other

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Jane M. Powers

Five Insider Secrets to Writing and Finishing Your Book

I’m an accomplished speaker, sales professional, and business owner, but I was not prepared for what writing my book, Speak with Confidence. Sell with Authority (April 2018) kicked up for me. It awakened every inch of me. I found a voice for everything I was thinking, doing, saying, or experiencing at the time: “I’m not

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Clark Schwartzkopf

Random Recreational Violence

In 2005 and 2006, serial shooters terrorized Phoenix, Arizona with drive-by, late night shootings of animals and people that these criminals called “random recreational violence.” On May 30, 2006, Clark Schwartzkopf, a veteran detective with the Phoenix Police Department, took on the case. In his book (with an excerpt of Chapter 10 here), he tells

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Gloria Carmer

Recipe for a Life of Serenity and Peace

Ingredients 1 gawky, insecure teenage girl 1 handsome young man 8 years of bliss 7 years of boredom 2 large measures of freedom Enough booze to numb your feelings (to taste) Add stimulants as needed 1 night in jail 1 recovering son 6 years of promotions 1 large period of depression 1 small decision to

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I am ever grateful for the unfailing, efficient, and expert guidance I receive from Dr. Bush and her skilled Accountability Coaches. Laura’s remarkable patience and tact as I present my weekly writing for workshopping never ceases to impress me. She projects a warm, cheerful attitude as she works with each author, giving us specific direction and clarity toward our end goal.
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Deb Thibodeaux
Higher Education Executive
Author, Hiding Behind the Mask of Leadership