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  • Woman sitting in bed with coffee reviewing her writing in a notebook

    “Don’t Quit!” and Other Valuable Advice Authors Need to Finish Their Book

    Although writing a book can be challenging for many reasons, I can tell you from my own experience, it’s worth it! Here are four pieces of the best advice I can give other first-time authors about how to write and finish a book. Find a core group of people to support and hold you accountable—no…

  • Rose 4 blog

    Visualizing the Four CORE Principles of Writing

    I used to think (naively) that if someone was a talented painter, she could sit down at an easel, pick up a brush, and paint an impressive picture with relative ease. In other words, I believed that an artist’s talent somehow determined whether the creative process took much effort or not.  In contrast, as a…

  • Perception and Reality Blog

    Perception Does Not Equal Reality. 

    Perception is More Important than Reality

    We’ve all heard the phrase “perception equals reality” or some derivative of it, right? Well, in “reality,” that phrase is a lie. Perception does not equal reality. If you dive into the definitions of the two words “perception” and “reality,” you will see that reality excludes perception. Perception: A way of understanding or interpreting things.…

  • January Blog 1

    Why You Should Take Source Citation Seriously

    Perhaps you remember this task from school. You had to write a term paper or a thesis, and your professor explained that you had to cite your sources, pointing you to MLA or APA as your guide. If you were anything like me, you might have rolled your eyes, yawned, or cried to the heavens,…

  • Blog 1 December 2018

    Five Insider Secrets to Writing and Finishing Your Book

    I’m an accomplished speaker, sales professional, and business owner, but I was not prepared for what writing my book, Speak with Confidence. Sell with Authority (April 2018) kicked up for me. It awakened every inch of me. I found a voice for everything I was thinking, doing, saying, or experiencing at the time: “I’m not…

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    Avoid Costly Mistakes: Choose the Best Publishing Option for You

    There’s never been a better time to publish your book. There’s also never been a better time to make a lot of self-publishing mistakes. To avoid the most costly mistakes, you should know the key differences between traditional versus self-publishing, including three different ways to self-publish. Knowing your options will help you choose the book…

  • Writing Typewriter with Potted Plants

    Five Surprising Writing Rules from The Chicago Manual of Style

    The Chicago Manual of Style, informally known as Chicago or CMS, is the reference guide for editors of fiction and nonfiction books. It’s our go-to source for editing guidelines and for any suggestions we editors make to authors about their manuscript. Although CMS contains volumes of principles and guidelines about writing, here are five general…

  • Fountain Pen on Spiral Notebook

    Writing an Autobiography that Leaves a Lasting Legacy Today

    An “autobiography” or “legacy book” is a personal history you write for family members, friends, and sometimes colleagues, hoping to inspire and influence them with the legacy of your personal life and career. At its best, your life story will impart your values and wisdom in a way that inspires, teaches, and leads those who…

  • Man Typing on red typewriter

    What I Wish I’d Known Before Writing My Book

    In 2017, I published my book, Powerhouse Woman. I was a first-time author and an unlikely one at that. Although I had had a health and fitness blog for three years, I only published an average of one new blog article per year! You read that correctly. I had exactly three articles on my blog,…

  • Microphone transcription

    Choosing the Best Transcription Services for Your Writing Project

    One strategy for getting your book written is “talking” your ideas into your phone or a digital recorder and then having that recording transcribed. For entrepreneurs on-the-go or for those who don’t type quickly, capturing your expertise digitally and then transcribing those recordings for yourself can be a viable option. Besides saving you money, transcribing…

  • Editor staring at computer screen, smoking

    Is Your Editor a Friend or Foe?

    If you’ve never worked hand-in-hand with an editor before, you may not know much about how the editing process works. You might also be afraid of what an editor will think about your writing. Will she be your friend or your foe? Writers new to working with editors might picture them as people like your…

  • Man holding wallet and money- afford writing

    Financing Your Writing

    I know sometimes it’s tough to deal with the challenges of feeling like you don’t have enough money to do the things you really want: take a vacation, buy a new car, or even start your own business. I have spent many years as a business coach training people around sales and money conversations. Over…

  • Man's Hand Typing Checking Time

    Three Ways to Find Time to Write

    One of the legitimate concerns people face when it comes to writing a book (or even a blog) is finding time to write. Believe it or not, as a well-published author, I can sympathize. I’m always writing or editing for my clients—that’s my job! What often feels like a struggle, however, is finding time to…

  • Open Book

    Why You, Too, Are Good Enough to Write Your Book

    During a C-SPAN panel discussion in 1997, journalist and intellectual Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011) said, “Everyone has a book inside them.” As an aspiring author, I was fortunate that I never knew he also said, “in most cases, that’s exactly where it should remain.” Before publishing my book, When Death Comes Knocking for Your Patients, if…

  • Girl with Headphones on pink background

    Are You Ready to Audiobook? 5 Essential Factors for Nonfiction Authors

    More and more non-fiction authors are recognizing the incredible potential audiobooks offer their business. Eager entrepreneurs, however, may dive in headfirst without giving sufficient forethought into how this unique tool can best be leveraged. Audiobooks are the fastest-growing sector of the entire publishing industry. The Association of American Publishers show audiobook downloads up by 31.1%…

  • Woman writing at desk with note book and laptop

    Get Your Writing Done: Use a Recording Device, a Google Doc, and a Writing Partner

    You may have heard a fast, economical way to get your writing done is to use a recording device free to download on any smartphone. Then, for anywhere between $0.75 to $1.00 per minute, you can have your recording transcribed and back to you within 24 to 48 hours. From that transcription, you can then shape…

  • 3 women with martinis sitting by a swimming pool

    3 Big Barriers to Writing a Bestselling Book: Dabbling, Dawdling, and Dashing

    If you haven’t written the book you’ve always wanted to write, it might be because you’ve been dabbling, dawdling, or dashing your way through the book writing and publishing process. See if you recognize yourself in any of the following scenarios:  Dabble: (1) to immerse one’s hands or feet partially in water and move them around gently (splash, dip, paddle,) or (2) to take part in an activity in a…

  • Daffodils in bloom

    Writing an Obituary: One Last Kindness

    Writing an obituary is one of the last kindnesses you can do to honor a loved one’s life. But unless you’ve had to do it, you may know very little about writing an obituary (a public notice of death, usually with a brief biography), a eulogy (a tribute praising a deceased person), or a life sketch (a summary of a person’s…

  • calendar with pen

    Protect Your Time to Write

    Do you schedule regular writing time on your calendar so that your book or blog or LinkedIn article gets out in the world? If you answered “no” to this question, you’re not alone. Many would-be authors struggle to carve out time to write–even me! But to get your writing finished, you MUST protect your time…

  • Getting Writing Unstuck Graphic

    5 Surefire Ways To Get You Unstuck on Your Writing

    Whether you’re writing a book or a blog, I explain writer’s block, why it’s very common, and I provide you concrete strategies for how to break through any blocks, get writing, and get finished on time without compromising quality. Click here to listen to this webinar with Juliet Dillon Clark of Winsome Media Group.

Unfailing, Efficient, and Expert Guidance

I am ever grateful for the unfailing, efficient, and expert guidance I receive from Dr. Bush and her skilled Accountability Coaches in the “Write to Launch Now” program. Laura’s remarkable patience and tact as I present my weekly writing for workshopping never ceases to impress me.  She projects a warm, cheerful attitude as she works with each author, giving us specific direction and clarity toward our end goal. I now know my book, Hiding Behind the Mask of Leadership, will be published in just a few months.

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Deb Thibodeaux
Higher Education Executive
Author, Hiding Behind the Mask of Leadership

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Deb Thibodeaux
Higher Education Executive
Author, Hiding Behind the Mask of Leadership

Deb Thibodeaux head shot

  • May 29 2019 Blog

    Surviving Online Dating Fraud

    The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), which provides the public with a means of reporting internet-facilitated crimes, reports that when compared to other online crimes, romance scams result in the highest amount of financial losses to victims. In their most recent available report of 2016, almost 15,000 romance scam complaints were reported—nearly 2,500 more…

  • My Deceitful Body Blog Image

    My Deceitful Body

    I went to the altar at Sherwood Baptist church frequently because the thought of being unholy terrified me. The church taught me that, if I died at any minute but had not repented from a sin that I committed a mere minute before, I would end up in hell, thanks to my most recent unconfessed…

  • Life Takes Another Turn

    Life Takes Another Turn

    February 27, 1994 When Scott, my fiancé, got out of bed, I was expecting another luscious, lazy Sunday with the love of my life. But life took another turn.  “Peggy, can you come in here, please, and take a look at this?” he yelled from the bathroom in our apartment. Curious, I stepped into the…

  • Santa by Christmas Tree

    Santa Is Coming Soon

    I didn’t need the weatherman to tell me a storm is coming or that winter break is just around the corner. I have Kindergartners in the library. There is something in the air today. I can feel it when I walk into the room. The message eerily floats in like the green fog angel of…

  • November 2018 Blog 3

    Escaping a Lynching

    Because Daddy [Charles Billups] participated in . . . nonviolent protests [during the civil rights era in Birmingham, Alabama] . . . the police kept grabbing him, and he spent a lot of time in jail, away from his family. Whenever he was gone, we all missed him.  One day, when Daddy was driving back…

  • October Blog 2 copy

    Joining the Suicide Survivors Club

    It’s Tuesday, December 19, 2000, the day my life changed forever. I pick up my daughter Jennifer after school promptly at 3:35pm. She is ten years old and in grade five. She hops into the backseat of the van, her blonde hair peeking out from under her winter hat. She quickly removes her scarf once…

  • KaRin Blog

    What Did I Know of Tragedy?

    As part of my ministry with my husband, Roger, in the Damascus Road Church of God we founded, I often tried to help those who were going through very traumatic times: loss of livelihood, grave illness, incarceration, deaths of loved ones. These were people in poverty and misery. Some were homeless, some were in prison.…

  • Football Players

    The Spitter

    Ohio takes football seriously. There is nothing more insulting than making a disparaging remark about the Buckeyes, especially if the remark comes from a Michigan fan. Dan, wearing a maize-and-blue shirt says, “Mrs. Eberst, he spit on me.” Looking at the accused spatter and thinking this is out of character for this student, I call…

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

    Four Surprising Things I Learned about Breast Cancer After I was Diagnosed

    After a couple of abnormal-looking mammograms taken in my late 40s, I needed follow-up ultrasound exams. It turns out that I have numerous fluid-filled sacks in my breasts called cysts, which are common among women, but they can make interpreting a mammogram more challenging. In cases like mine, doctors often use ultrasound exams to further screen…

  • LesterMay Dr. Laura Bush's Grandfather

    Cogitate, Prevaricate, and Other Big Words My Grandpa Taught Me

    My mother says that as babies, my identical twin sister and I would jibber jabber back and forth, telling each other stories only we could understand. As I got older, my Grandpa May—with only an eighth grade, one-room-school-house education—randomly tossed out big words when I visited him, testing me to see if I knew what…